Many people consider if they should train using weight training or calisthenics. While they are both two different approaches to become stronger and transform your body, this article will discuss the advantages of weight training over calisthenics, Keep reading to find out more!

Benefit #1: Easier progress (and easier track of your progression)

It is undeniable that weight training allows you to progress faster than calisthenics. Not only you can track your progress between different workouts, but you can also easily manipulate the resistance (by adding an additional load of 5-10lbs to the exercise). However, increasing the resistance when training calisthenics is significantly more challenging.

Benefit #2: No limitations for training legs

In calisthenics training legs is more challenging and many calisthenics athletes often skip leg days. There is a lower selection of calisthenics exercises for legs and it is harder to manipulate the resistance while training them (as mentioned above).

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Benefit #3: Weightlifting can help you to get bigger faster

If your goal is to get bigger as fast as possible, then it is easier to accomplish that by lifting weights. Calisthenics will still undoubtedly make you bigger and stronger, but not in a similar way as weightlifting.  

Benefit #4: Isolation of specific muscles is easier

Many people like isolating individual muscle groups at the end of their training session, because it helps to fix muscle imbalances and to target particular muscles without stressing any others. It can also help strengthen muscles that are weaker than the rest of your body. Isolating each muscle individually is more comfortable with weightlifting than it is with calisthenics training. In calisthenics, you can still focus on isolating a muscle more than others by changing the leverage but not to the same degree as in weightlifting. Also, tracking your progress for isolation exercises is even harder with calisthenics.

How about combining both weight training and calisthenics?

If you want to reap the benefits of both practices, weight training and calisthenics, then you should definitely combine both into your workout routine. Calisthenics still has many amazing relevant benefits that you should consider as well. Keep your fitness journey well-rounded by combining both ways of training!

Is weight training over calisthenics the right choice for me then?

The answer to this question depends solely on you! If your main goal is to get bigger, then weight training is probably the right choice for you. However, if you want to master effective bodyweight exercises and develop incredible flexibility and coordination, then calisthenics is the way to go. Calisthenics can also make your workouts more fun and creative. I usually love to combine both, weight training and calisthenics into my workout routine to get the benefits of both.


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