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This category of articles entirely focuses on ABS. This category is all about bringing you closer and closer to your goal of developing a powerful core (and a six pack of course)!

What Do You Really Need to Get The Glamorous Six or Eight Pack Abs | The Classic Abs Training

We all know that gymnastics have a well-defined, super strong and athletic set of abs which many of us (if not all) admire and envy. By incorporating a few of their exercise in the end of your workout routine, regardless of what it is, you are making your core stronger…

Should I directly Train My Abs?

As you probably know, there are two kinds of training for the muscles in your core, direct and indirect. Direct training simply means that you are doing exercises that specifically target your abs. For example, in crunches you are flexing your trunk and as a result engaging the Rectus Abdominis.…