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How Much Equipment Do You Really Need to Start Working Out?

Often, many people are confused about the ideal pieces of equipment they need to start working out at home. In reality, the setup of available gym equipment you will have access to will not always be ideal. Many trainees occasionally travel or just do not even have a gym membership (usually because the the gym is busy, expensive or far away from their accommodation). That is why I decided to create this article that will discuss about the vital pieces of equipment you need for a few different kinds of training routines.


No equipment at all?

If you do not have any piece of gym equipment available to you at all, you are definitely NOT doomed. You can either go to a close calisthenics parks nearby or you can do a H.I.T training at home that requires little to no requirement! Nowadays, there are many training apps all over Itunes or Play store that allow you to train effectively using your bodyweight only. One of those apps is sworkit.com , which is a good place to start. Using H.I.T as your primary way of training helps burning fat (up to 36 – 48 hours after your workout) and it also helps to improve your endurance. However, for building muscles and getting strength, it is recommended that you get some form of equipment.

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What’s the minimal equipment I should get?

The answer is a pull up bar. Not only you can do many versions of pull-ups and chin-ups on it, you can also effectively use it to train your abs (and the muscle ups). You can also invest in a dips station or even better, a dips station with a pull up bar combined!

What about accessories?

To challenge yourself, you can also buy a weighted vest with a large maximum capacity (50lbs+). It’s also smart to invest in rings, dips bars or even parallettes. Those items can upgrade your workouts significantly, though they are not mandatory in order to complete an effective workout. Investing in yourself by purchasing additional gym equipment, does wonders to your overall levels of motivation and commitment to your workout routine. Though, if you are a beginner trainee, I recommend you to stick to the basics (start by purchasing a pull up bar and practicing on it consistently) to make calisthenics seem less overwhelming.

How about getting a gym membership?

Gym membership is a smart option as well, regardless of the type of training you do. However, always make sure the gym you go to satisfies all of your needs (price, distance from home, community, etc).


To start working out, you do not need a tremendous amount of equipment (or even any at all). You can burn fat effectively with an intense H.I.T workout and as a beginner you can get significantly stronger and more muscular at first by doing push ups and pull ups alone. Over time, I do recommend getting more equipment to upgrade your workouts or make them more challenging. You can also purchase a membership in a gym or a community center that meets all your needs. Whether you choose working out at home, at a gym or at your local calisthenics park, remember to stay consistent with your routine. There is no “magic solution”. It is all about long term improvements in your strength and physique.


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