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What Is The Best Time of the Day to Work Out?

Many people are often asking about the best time of the day to workout in order to maximize their performance and thus results. However, for different people the optimal time to workout will depend on one’s personal preferences as well as schedule. Keep reading to find out more!

The benefits of working out during the afternoon or early evening

Since the core’s temperature is an important factor for training, working out in the afternoon has a slight benefit in that regard. Higher body temperatures leave the muscles more flexible, and thus less prone to injuries and to sprains. Also high body temperatures are also correlated with increase in your strength and endurance during th workouts. Our reaction time is also the fastest which can lead to an improved workout performance as well. Another great benefit is that the ratio between testosterone (important for muscle building and strength:)) and cortisol (causes storage of fat and reduction of muscle tissue:() production is slightly higher in the afternoon.

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The benefits of a morning working out

When you set the habit of working out early in the morning, then there are less chances for you to miss a workout. This is because there will be less priorities or opportunities that can suddenly come up during the day and replace your exercise time. As a result, you will also have a stronger willpower early in the morning. Also, working out early in the morning usually promotes better fat loss, since you are more likely to train on an empty stomach. Also, there are many studies that prove how working out early in the day will improve your quality of sleep as opposed to working out closer to your sleep time.

The Verdict

In the end, it all comes down to a personal preference! Experiment with both approaches and figure out the time of the day that help you be more consistent. I also recommend you to consider your schedule to decide when you will work out. You might also want to consider the time in which your workout buddies train or your energy levels are the highest. As always, be consistent and find a way to minimize excuses!


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