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The Power of Incorporating Music into Your Workouts

While some people listen to motivating music during their workouts, some choose to just workout without it. The reality is that music can significantly enhance your workouts if you choose the right motivating music. Below you will find the top five reasons why.


The Effects of Music on Exercise

Music can elevate your mood and your exercise performance drastically. It allows you to push yourself for longer and harder. The right music can bring you into “the zone” which means that you will need less amount mental power to keep pushing yourself. For intense to a moderate intensity cardio or HIT training for example, music will motivate you and improve your mood during the challenging workouts. Furthermore, to raise your pace of running or riding, you can listen to rhythmic music with high bpm (beats per minute) that will make you go faster. The reason it works is because your brain synchronizes the beat of the music you listen to the temp in which you are exercising. That is why I recommend choosing a rhythmic playlist (that you love of course) for your workouts. Also, make sure that the lyrics and the genre of the song empower you to push through the pain.

What if I do not like listening to music during my workouts?

Some people might not like listening to music at all during their workouts and that is completely fine too. If that is you, do no worry about it. You can have an empowering workout without music as well.

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What equipment do I need to start listening to music?

All you need is unsealed headphones (so that you can be aware of your surroundings) and a music player. If you are running, you also want to consider investing in an armband so that you’ll not have to worry about your expensive phone (or music player). Instead, you want to be fully present and focused in pushing yourself to the maximum of your abilities.


As seen above, listening to music is a great motivator to push yourself to the max and increase your willpower. It is also a great way to synchronize the pace of your moderate-high intensity training with the beat of the music. However, remember that you always have to fully charge your phone and headphones before your workouts. Otherwise, the music will stop and so will your motivation at the moment.

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